eLearnSecurity – eCIR (Certified Incident Responder)
eLearnSecurity – eCIR (Certified Incident Responder)
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eLearnSecurity – eCIR (Certified Incident Responder)



Scarica eLearnSecurity – eCIR (Certified Incident Responder)


The eLearnSecurity Certified Incident Responder (eCIR) exam challenges cyber security professionals to solve complex Incident Handling & Response scenarios in order to become certified.

The eCIR is a highly technical certification that requires advanced knowledge of networks, systems and cyber attacks. Anyone can attempt the certification exam; however, below are suggested skills to possess for a successful outcome:
Letters of engagement and the basics related to an Incident Response engagement
Advanced networking concepts
Knowledge of Incident Response processes and methodologies
Packet/traffic analysis
Ability to correlate events and logs
Familiarly with tools such as Wireshark, ELK & Splunk
Cyber crime Techniques, Tactics & Procedures
Detection of all stages of the “Cyber Kill Chain”
Familiarity with ELK and Splunk searches
Ability to effectively analyze thousands of events within a SIEM
Good understanding of Windows (and Sysmon) events
Attacker activity detection through process analysis
Sales Page :  https://elearnsecurity.com/product/ecir-certification/


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